The Power of One

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It's a funny thing isn't it that everything ever built starts with the number 'One'. Nothing ever gets completed until that number is reached in the first place.

"What do you mean?" If you have in your mind an end result, you cannot get to it without going through a process. A process is a series of events that take you to the end or your goal.

So to begin with you need to know and understand just what 'One' unit of the task ahead is. Of course this unit will be different in all processes. Without knowing what 'One' is you will be stuck very quickly. Progress will be painfully slow at the very least. So what is 'One' and how do you work it out? 'One' is whatever each step of any process contains.

So for instance if you set out to climb a mountain then one step obviously will be just that a metre or a yard take with one foot in the right direction. Before the process of actually walking to the foothills of the mountain can be started the measure of one will be something else. Before you set off on the journey you will need a plan. At the start it is in your head. It starts with an idea. One idea is one unit. So 'One' can be different units of measurement in different dimensions. It depends on what you are measuring.

Measuring is what it boils down to. If you cannot measure a step you will be stuck on the road without a road map. 'One' is the answer. You must first know and understand this, then you can work out what your measure of 'One' is.

Is it a time based measure in seconds, minutes, days etc.? Is it one step by foot in a given direction? Is it a unit of weight you must pack and carry or a sum of money? You need in all your endeavors to get to know what 'One' is. Then you can multiply it.

"So what's this got to do with marketing?" Easy. You must be able to work out how to measure your efforts and the results of those efforts. If you cannot do this you are doomed to limited success.

On the other hand if you can know that you spend an hour writing one e-mail and sending that out to your customer list you get a certain result, then you have successfully measured the unit of 'One' in the time it has taken you to write that e-mail message. If you then record the responses coming back from the e-mail you can measure 'One' of the result.

Now you have some vital information raw material and with this you can work out how to do more of what works and ratchet up your results and of course profits. The problem is we are bombarded with messages of how easy and quick everything is to achieve today.

The work ethic of times past, the idea of spending long periods of time to hone a skill is often lost. If you think and focus on just perfecting one step, one task, one part of your business puzzle you will be far further down your road to success than before you understood this simple but very powerful rule of 'One'. So aim at 'One'. Do not deviate from accomplishing the aim of getting to one successful marketing step first.

Then simply multiply it when you have perfected it and at this point your results will soar upwards.

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The Power of One

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This article was published on 2010/04/03